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The Sprawl: Book 2 Now Available in print and ComiXology!

The Sprawl: Book 2 Now Available in print and ComiXology! published on No Comments on The Sprawl: Book 2 Now Available in print and ComiXology!

That’s right, the wait is over! Book 2 is now available in both a gorgeous print edition and on ComiXology with their Guided View feature.

You can order your copy of the print edition here.

And you can find it on ComiXology here.

When purchasing the ComiXology edition, be sure to leave a review! It really helps me out!

The comic remains on hiatus for now, look for the return in October with brand new pages. Can’t wait that long? Pledge as little as $1 a month on Patreon to get early access to each page as they’re completed!

LOG:05 – Page 30

LOG:05 – Page 30 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 30

30 pages into LOG:05! Normally this is the halfway point for a chapter but I can already tell LOG:05 will go way over that. There’s still no word from the publisher on when books 2 and 3 will be available online for ordering, but it should be soon. I finally got my own copies of the books and they turned out gorgeous. I can’t wait to hear what you think of them.

That said, this will be the last update for a month or two. I’m putting the comic on hiatus for August and maybe September. Just to catch up on some commission work, try and get some other comic projects out of the way, and focus a bit more on my job hunting activities. I normally take a month or so off in the summer, then 2-4 weeks over the holidays at the end of the year, but most years I’ve had a buffer of pages so that page updates didn’t have to stop, but unfortunately this year has made that difficult. I will be making a news update once the books are available and possibly posting some artwork in the meantime. Maybe I’ll even post a sneak peek at that other comic project I’m working on (a short 8-page fan comic that is very, very different from The Sprawl). So be sure to check back in a week or two!

In the meantime, remember you can help support the comic by purchasing books HERE, pledging $1 or more a month via Patreon HERE, or making a one-time Ko-fi donation HERE. Your support helps me to focus more of my time making The Sprawl and reduces the amount of time I need to take off from the comic to cover my bills.

LOG:05 – Page 29

LOG:05 – Page 29 published on 1 Comment on LOG:05 – Page 29

So it looks like I set the wrong date for this update. Noticed this at 1:41am so figured I’d let the page update in the morning.

I’m thinking of taking a brief hiatus around August/September. Just to get caught up on commissions and other projects and get some breathing room financially. I’ve had an endless stream of appointments this month. Doctors and dentists. Getting my eyes checked today, my near vision has been getting worse and it’s slowing me down when it comes to drawing. My sisters and mother wear glasses so I’m just surprised it took this long to catch up to me. Luckily, I think I’ll look good in glasses. Still hunting for a new job, too, to try and get out of the freelance cycle of taking on too much work for too little pay. I’ll keep you guys updated on this in two weeks when the next page goes up. In the meantime, you can help support me by pledging on Patreon, making a one-time Ko-Fi donation, or by buying books from Ringtail Cafe. Banner links to all three on the left hand sidebar.

Speaking of, I don’t have any news yet on the new books yet but the publisher told me they should have a date for me in the next few days. They made their debut at AC and apparently went over very well. I’m still eagerly awaiting my own copies, too. I can’t wait to see how they turned out.

Also, wow, with the next update we’ll be hitting 30 pages for LOG:05 and there’s still so much more comic yet to come. By the time I’m ready to release books 4 and 5 I might have to rethink the chapter lengths. I’ll likely end up shoving some of LOG:05’s pages back into LOG:04. And there will almost definitely be a LOG:06 afterwards. So, look forward to that.

LOG:05 – Page 28

LOG:05 – Page 28 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 28

Finally some book news! LOG:02 and 03 print editions will be available the week after Anthrocon. So, next week sometime. Probably Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest. Until I have an exact date I can give you, just be sure to check the book store banner on this page!

To all my fellow Americans, try not to blow your hands off this week before you get a chance to read the books.

LOG:05 – Page 27

LOG:05 – Page 27 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 27

We’re fast approaching summer and the release of books 2 and 3. I’ve been assured that they’ll definitely be available in time for AC this year, and I’ll definitely be yelling it from the mountain tops the moment I have an exact date when you’ll be able to purchase them online.

In other news, I am accepting commissions again. I’ve posted the prices to my Picarto page, HERE. Like it says on the site, prices are subject to the level of detail expected. A three-headed dragon with two sets of wings and intricate scale patterns is going to run you more than a simple humanoid pin-up. If you’re interested in a commission, email me at with the details and I’ll get back to you with an estimate.

That’s it for news. Hopefully when I post the next page two weeks from now I’ll have more good news!

LOG:05 – Page 26

LOG:05 – Page 26 published on 1 Comment on LOG:05 – Page 26

Oh my, now that can’t be good.

What is good is that books 2 and 3 are currently set to debut at Anthrocon in just one month! There’s still a chance they might arrive at the web store first so stay tuned! Once it’s set in stone I’ll be sending the news out via the mailing list, as well as an update right here, and wherever else I can get the word out.

LOG:05 – Page 25

LOG:05 – Page 25 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 25

Already 25 pages in to this chapter! I’m still trying to build up a respectable buffer before I dive back into regular weekly updates, but to celebrate a glowing review of the comic by the kind folks at Dogpatch Press I’ll be posting a comic this week and next.

Also, I’ve heard back from my publisher and it sounds like books 2 and 3 will be debuting at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh this summer. I believe they’re also planning to have some great Sprawl merchandise available so be sure to stop by the Ringtail Cafe table.

LOG:05 – Page 24

LOG:05 – Page 24 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 24

Hey, Sprawl fans. No update yet on books 2 and 3. Yeah, I’m bummed too. But speaking of book releases, some of you have been wondering if there will be ComiXology releases and yes, there will be digital copies coming out for both books, too. I have no date on that, it usually takes a couple of months for ComiXology to process a submission. Totally worth it for the excellent Guided View feature. I’ll keep you updated on those one I have some news.

Beyond that, updates are still bi-weekly. I was hoping to get back to weekly updates but ongoing health issues have kept me in low gear. If you want to help out, $1/mo gets you early access to all new Sprawl pages, plus the occasional behind the scenes material like pages in progress, art process breakdowns, etc.

LOG:05 – Page 21

LOG:05 – Page 21 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 21

I’m still waiting on a update regarding the new book releases. Fingers crossed I’ll know something by the end of the week. I’ll be sending the news out through the mailing list the moment I hear anything, so click the banner above to get notified first, directly to your inbox! In the meantime, you can already purchase LOG:01 via the bookstore banner on the left side of this page.

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