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LOG:05 – page 15

LOG:05 – page 15 published on 1 Comment on LOG:05 – page 15

If you haven’t already heard, The first three chapters of The Sprawl have both been updated with brand improved art. Why the update? Because LOG:02 and LOG:03 are coming to print! Check the banner to the left of the above comic page to check out the book store! LOG:01 is already available and it is gorgeous in print. LOG:02 will look even better.

Even if you’ve already read these chapters, you’ll want to take another look. If not for the art then for the new scenes and dialog!

Keep an eye on this space, and I’ll be back soon with another LOG:05 page!

LOG:05 – Page 14

LOG:05 – Page 14 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 14

Finally, the site is back up and back to normal! I’ve used the site’s down time to work on something truly special which I hope to announce soon. Keep an eye on this space for some important news in the very near future!

2/17 Update!
While the site is mostly up, the top bar is still missing the social links. I’ve already posted some Ko-Fi and Patreon buttons on the left sidebar, as well as a banner to the book store where you can get LOG:01 (I should know LOG:02’s release date in the next 2 or 3 weeks). You can also follow me on twitter @TheSprawlComic

I’ll be posting a new page for LOG:05 this week, too! And I should have all of the book updates for LOG:03 completed sometime next month. So there’s a lot to look forward to!

LOG:05 – Page 13

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I’m still waiting to get ahold of my own copy of the LOG:01 book but I’m already seeing fans talking about it, and one who has posted a picture of it to their Twitter feed, talking up the quality, so I’m more excited than ever to get my hands on it to see for myself. If you haven’t gotten your’s yet, you can get it here, from Ringtail Cafe.

If you do have it, be sure to let other people know about it, because the better the book sells, the sooner I can get the next chapter out in print form. And if the books are doing well, that will make it easier for me to get new, exclusive content into the print editions like concept art, page breakdowns, and maybe even exclusive new pages expanding on elements of the story.

LOG:05 – 12

LOG:05 – 12 published on 1 Comment on LOG:05 – 12

New year, new page!

With the holidays over and done, the comic should be returning to a more regular update schedule. It will still be every other week for the time being, but you should be able to expect a new page every other Wednesday.

Also, for those who still haven’t heard, LOG:01 of The Sprawl is now available as a print edition through Ringtail Cafe! Over 60 full colour pages! Get your copy today to get yourself a great comic book and help support me in creating more of The Sprawl.

LOG:05 – 011 + LOG:01 Print Edition!

LOG:05 – 011 + LOG:01 Print Edition! published on No Comments on LOG:05 – 011 + LOG:01 Print Edition!

Exciting news this week as the print edition of LOG:01 is available for purchase on the Ringtail Cafe website! Just over 60 full colour pages! Get your copy today! And with the holidays coming up, this will make a great gift for anyone you think needs more of The Sprawl in their life!

LOG:05 – 010

LOG:05 – 010 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – 010

I know this one is a bit late. I moved to a new city so things have been a bit crazy on my end. Hopefully, now that the move is over, things will settle down a bit. With the next page we’ll be returning to the regularly scheduled bi-weekly Wednesday updates. That won’t be this week, but next week.

In retrospect I should add another panel to the top row to drive home the flashes of light glaring in through the window/screen. Not sure how well that comes across in these pages. Something for future revisions.

LOG:005 – 008

LOG:005 – 008 published on 1 Comment on LOG:005 – 008

No news this week. Going to try and knock out some overdue commissions this week so I can maybe start accepting commissions again in the next couple of weeks. No promises on that last part, though. If I do start taking commissions again I’ll probably have to raise prices. Breaking my back and spending all my time to just barely break even is no fun.

I’ll need to get a new headset, too. My old one broke and now I have no mic for streaming which is one of the reasons I haven’t been doing that as much.

The Sprawl LOG:005 – 007

The Sprawl LOG:005 – 007 published on No Comments on The Sprawl LOG:005 – 007

Not much news this week. Things are still pretty much the scene. Last time, when I said things were calming down I meant to say I’d found some work to cover the lost clients, and that’s still true. But the work itself is keeping me busy. So much so that I only just finished this page today.

I’m not entirely happy with the high-speed lift’s sound effect on this page. I might want to come back to this page sometime in the future and work it into the page in a more satisfying way. Maybe work it into the background of the central panel somehow.

After sleeping on it, the revised version came right to me. Knocked it out in only a few minutes. Much happier with it.

The Sprawl LOG:005 – 006

The Sprawl LOG:005 – 006 published on No Comments on The Sprawl LOG:005 – 006

Cutting it very close this week. Sorry about that. Because I had some clients bail at the last minute on projects I was supposed to start last month, I was left scrambling for work, and that threw all my plans right out the window. Things should be calming down a little now, at least for the next month or two. After that…we’ll have to see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the page and I look forward to bringing you the next update in two weeks!

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