LOG:005 – 008

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No news this week. Going to try and knock out some overdue commissions this week so I can maybe start accepting commissions again in the next couple of weeks. No promises on that last part, though. If I do start taking commissions again I’ll probably have to raise prices. Breaking my back and spending all… Continue reading LOG:005 – 008

LOG:05 – 010

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I know this one is a bit late. I moved to a new city so things have been a bit crazy on my end. Hopefully, now that the move is over, things will settle down a bit. With the next page we’ll be returning to the regularly scheduled bi-weekly Wednesday updates. That won’t be this… Continue reading LOG:05 – 010

LOG:05 – 12

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New year, new page! With the holidays over and done, the comic should be returning to a more regular update schedule. It will still be every other week for the time being, but you should be able to expect a new page every other Wednesday. Also, for those who still haven’t heard, LOG:01 of The… Continue reading LOG:05 – 12

LOG:05 – Page 14

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Finally, the site is back up and back to normal! I’ve used the site’s down time to work on something truly special which I hope to announce soon. Keep an eye on this space for some important news in the very near future! 2/17 Update! While the site is mostly up, the top bar is… Continue reading LOG:05 – Page 14

LOG:05 – Page 28

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Finally some book news! LOG:02 and 03 print editions will be available the week after Anthrocon. So, next week sometime. Probably Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest. Until I have an exact date I can give you, just be sure to check the book store banner on this page! To all my fellow Americans, try… Continue reading LOG:05 – Page 28

LOG:05 – Page 29

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So it looks like I set the wrong date for this update. Noticed this at 1:41am so figured I’d let the page update in the morning. I’m thinking of taking a brief hiatus around August/September. Just to get caught up on commissions and other projects and get some breathing room financially. I’ve had an endless… Continue reading LOG:05 – Page 29

LOG:05 – Page 30

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30 pages into LOG:05! Normally this is the halfway point for a chapter but I can already tell LOG:05 will go way over that. There’s still no word from the publisher on when books 2 and 3 will be available online for ordering, but it should be soon. I finally got my own copies of… Continue reading LOG:05 – Page 30