LOG:05 003

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Alright, let’s just rip the band-aid off. “The Sprawl” is going bi-weekly. If you’ve been reading these news updates or pledging via Patreon you know I’ve been having a rough time due to health and financial issues. Right now I just can’t keep up with Sprawl updates. Rather than trying and failing to keep up… Continue reading LOG:05 003

LOG:05 – Page 13

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I’m still waiting to get ahold of my own copy of the LOG:01 book but I’m already seeing fans talking about it, and one who has posted a picture of it to their Twitter feed, talking up the quality, so I’m more excited than ever to get my hands on it to see for myself.… Continue reading LOG:05 – Page 13

LOG:05 – Page 17

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If you haven’t already heard, the first three chapters of The Sprawl have been updated with improved art and lettering, plus a couple new pages here and there. For LOG:02 and 03, every single page has been updated and improved. Hit up the archive and revisit the story from the beginning! Why the update? Because… Continue reading LOG:05 – Page 17