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LOG:04 071

LOG:04 071 published on No Comments on LOG:04 071

So ends LOG:04 but not the current story arc. LOG:05 picks up right where we leave off here. Before we can get to LOG:05, however, the comic will be going on a brief hiatus. The first hiatus I’ve taken since the comic launched in 2014. I’ll be using the time off to prep for the new chapter (I’ve got characters, vehicles and environments to design.) and attempt to build up a buffer of completed pages. Right now my plan is a two month hiatus, during which Patreon supporters will continue to get content such as concept art, WIP work, and advance access to completed pages. (They’ve already gotten to see some of the designs I’m working on!)

If you’d like access to all of that, or just want to help support the comic to keep it going, consider throwing $1 a month at me via

Every pledge helps, no matter how small!

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