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LOG:05 003

LOG:05 003 published on No Comments on LOG:05 003

Alright, let’s just rip the band-aid off. “The Sprawl” is going bi-weekly. If you’ve been reading these news updates or pledging via Patreon you know I’ve been having a rough time due to health and financial issues. Right now I just can’t keep up with Sprawl updates. Rather than trying and failing to keep up and burning out, I’m just going to slow things down a bit to where I can keep on top of things and still manage a regular update schedule.

Once my health and money are both back to a more comfortable level I’ll start weekly updates again. While you guys can’t do much about my health, you can help with the financial side of things by pledging as little as $1 a month via Patreon:

Or purchasing a ComiXology edition of LOG:01

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