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LOG:05 – Page 16

LOG:05 – Page 16 published on 1 Comment on LOG:05 – Page 16

If you haven’t already heard, the first three chapters of The Sprawl have been updated with improved art and lettering, plus a couple new pages here and there. For LOG:02 and 03, every single page has been updated and improved. Hit up the archive and revisit the story from the beginning! Why the update? Because books 2 and 3 will be available in print this spring! You can already order yourself a copy of book 1, check out the store banner to the left of today’s comic page!

Because of the time sunk into the massive updates for chapters 2 and 3, there may be some delays with new pages for the current chapter until I’m back up to speed. Stay tuned here for updates on when new pages will go live.

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