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LOG:05 – Page 17

LOG:05 – Page 17 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 17

If you haven’t already heard, the first three chapters of The Sprawl have been updated with improved art and lettering, plus a couple new pages here and there. For LOG:02 and 03, every single page has been updated and improved. Hit up the archive and revisit the story from the beginning! Why the update? Because books 2 and 3 will be available in print this spring! You can already order yourself a copy of book 1, check out the store banner to the left of today’s comic page!

And you can further support The Sprawl by becoming a Patreon subscriber! For $1 a month you’ll get early access to each month’s pages in gorgeous high-res detail! The more support the comic has, the faster new Sprawl content can be released!

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