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LOG:05 – Page 27

LOG:05 – Page 27 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 27

We’re fast approaching summer and the release of books 2 and 3. I’ve been assured that they’ll definitely be available in time for AC this year, and I’ll definitely be yelling it from the mountain tops the moment I have an exact date when you’ll be able to purchase them online.

In other news, I am accepting commissions again. I’ve posted the prices to my Picarto page, HERE. Like it says on the site, prices are subject to the level of detail expected. A three-headed dragon with two sets of wings and intricate scale patterns is going to run you more than a simple humanoid pin-up. If you’re interested in a commission, email me at with the details and I’ll get back to you with an estimate.

That’s it for news. Hopefully when I post the next page two weeks from now I’ll have more good news!

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