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LOG:05 – Page 30

LOG:05 – Page 30 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 30

30 pages into LOG:05! Normally this is the halfway point for a chapter but I can already tell LOG:05 will go way over that. There’s still no word from the publisher on when books 2 and 3 will be available online for ordering, but it should be soon. I finally got my own copies of the books and they turned out gorgeous. I can’t wait to hear what you think of them.

That said, this will be the last update for a month or two. I’m putting the comic on hiatus for August and maybe September. Just to catch up on some commission work, try and get some other comic projects out of the way, and focus a bit more on my job hunting activities. I normally take a month or so off in the summer, then 2-4 weeks over the holidays at the end of the year, but most years I’ve had a buffer of pages so that page updates didn’t have to stop, but unfortunately this year has made that difficult. I will be making a news update once the books are available and possibly posting some artwork in the meantime. Maybe I’ll even post a sneak peek at that other comic project I’m working on (a short 8-page fan comic that is very, very different from The Sprawl). So be sure to check back in a week or two!

In the meantime, remember you can help support the comic by purchasing books HERE, pledging $1 or more a month via Patreon HERE, or making a one-time Ko-fi donation HERE. Your support helps me to focus more of my time making The Sprawl and reduces the amount of time I need to take off from the comic to cover my bills.

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