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LOG:05 – Page 33

LOG:05 – Page 33 published on No Comments on LOG:05 – Page 33

Hey everyone. I had a freelance client back out of a job at the last minute and now I’m scrambling to make ends meet before rent is due. To that end you can email me at to request a commission or join me over at where I’ll be streaming as often as possible and taking any commissions that come my way. You can also help out by pledging over at and although it won’t help me immediately I do appreciate everyone who buys my books over at

Commission Info:
$30 for character sketches
$50 for black and white portraits (cleaner linework+shading)
$75 for flat colour portraits (no shading/effects)
$100 for full colour portraits

Any business you can throw my way means a lot to me.

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