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LOG:05 – Page 36

LOG:05 – Page 36 published on 1 Comment on LOG:05 – Page 36

Book 4 will be debuting next month at MFF! If you’re going to be at the convention, drop by the Ringtail Cafe table and nab yourself one of the first copies. I’m kind of astounded myself, getting four books published in one year is a milestone for me. Next year won’t see as many releases, but I expect book 5 will drop in the first half of 2020. Hopefully in time for AC, but we’ll have to see. Book six likely won’t happen until sometime 2021, considering I haven’t even begun work on that yet.

In addition to buying the books (see the banner above and to the left of the comic page for the online store), you can help support me by pledging as little as $1 a month to my Patreon and get early access to new pages (I’ve currently finished up to page 44, so that’s ten pages patrons have ahead of the public updates).

Supporting the comic not only helps me pay rent and bills, but supporting the comic will help me to continue it beyond the current plans. I can’t continue The Sprawl indefinitely as things are now, but I intend to at least wrap up the current story line before moving on to other projects. But if book sales and Patreon support takes off before then, I have many more stories to tell in this world.

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