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The Sprawl LOG:05 005

The Sprawl LOG:05 005 published on No Comments on The Sprawl LOG:05 005

The job hunt continues. First job I interviewed for I did not get, but they may call me back in October. I applied to a couple other jobs and I’ve been trying to beef up my portfolio with graphic design and motion graphics in mind. In the meantime, I did have some good news. I managed to pick up another freelance job that should carry me through to October, so hopefully the late night panic attacks will take a bit of a break I should also be able to focus on some commissions that are still unfinished.

For the time being, the Sprawl will continue at this bi-weekly pace, but once I manage to get steady work and get my current freelance and commission work out of the way, I should be able to give it more of my time and focus again. I’ve been building up to this chapter since I outlined it in 2013, I’m really excited to share the story’s conclusion with you guys and any delay is agonizing.

Anyway, that’s all the news for now. See you in two weeks!

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